Have You Saved Money On Energy Over the Summer Months?

The British summer can be temperamental, to say the least. With temperatures rising ever so slightly there is a chance that you have saved money on your energy bills over the last few months. With summer coming to a close it’s time to plan ahead for next year and look at some changed you can make within your home, making it more energy efficient and eco-friendly!

The UK Is Getting Hotter

Statistics have shown that by the 2040s more than half of summers in Europe will be warmer than the early 2000s.  Green Deal Scotland brand DMS Installations claim that:

“The 2016 Energy trends report shows that temperatures in the last yearly quarter were on average 0.5 degrees warmer than a year earlier, with average temperatures in both January and February being warmer than a year earlier.”

Energy suppliers suggest that if you are aiming to be eco-friendlier you must adjust your heating requirements over the summer months. The British summer can be changeable therefore it is worth keeping an eye on your home heating, reducing it or turning it off on the warmer days.

Looking ahead the temperature of British summers has risen steadily over the past fourteen years and predicted temperatures suggest that they will continue to rise between now and 2080 when the average summer temperature in Great Britain will be between 16.79°C and 17.79°C

Source: http://www.designbysoap.co.uk/is-britain-getting-hotter

Source: http://www.designbysoap.co.uk/is-britain-getting-hotter

The Green Deal and Insulation

We are becoming a green nation and as part of the UK’s movement to reduce carbon emissions by 80% before 2050, the Green Deal has been introduced. The Green deal encourages home and business owners to pay for energy efficiency improvements with what they save on their energy bills whilst improving the energy efficiency of their home.

Make sure that your home is insulated during the warmer months. Having Insulation in your home whether it be in the cavities or in the lost, means that your home will enclose the heat from outdoors whilst keeping the cooler air indoors.

Many of us consider Insulating our homes only when it gets to the colder months, however, home insulation is a long-term investment that will pay off no matter what season it is.

By insulating your home, you could be saving year on year as one of the most attractive benefits of cavity installation is that home owners could be saving up to £150 per year on energy bills. Store the energy that is within your home with insulation as it will stop any heat escaping! Heat escapes through the walls and will decrease the amount of energy you need to keep your home heated.

Winter is Coming Should I Invest in Solar Power?


There are many debates that surround solar energy within the UK. Not only is it an effective and eco-friendly way of sourcing energy and it popularity has soared in Britain over the past few years. With the weather improving, energy harvesters have even been warned that Britain may have made too much electricity this summer due to the growth in wind and solar farms!

If you have considered solar energy installation within your home, you are in good company as solar panel installation has never been as popular. Homeowners are now opting for solar energy due to the support that is being received from the UK government.

Solar panels work by feeding the power they harvest directly into homes or into the local electricity grid. The Telegraph has also reported that due to the rise of solar energy the demand on the national system is expected to be a record low this year.

Of course, solar energy is one of the eco-friendliest ways to power your home. Solar power captures the sun’s energy. As the suns energy has photovoltaic cells power can then be harvested and used. Solar panels are not only efficient during the summer months as they can also generate some electricity on duller colder days.

With the weather heating up it could mean that UK residents could be saving massive amounts on their energy bills in years to come. Renewable energy also seems to be the way forward as the government and energy installers are backing greener methods of energy supplies. With demand for solar energy rising it may be a great time to invest in the market.

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