Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Whilst Studying Overseas

Every year thousands of UK based students hop on a plane and embark on an exciting adventure that involves learning whilst experiencing new cultures abroad. There is little doubt that the combination of studying and travelling can be extremely rewarding and this is why it has become so popular. However, there is no excuse for forgetting about your eco-responsibilities whilst furthering your education, especially if you have chosen a country that may have less a stringent view on these issues. With this in mind we have picked a few proven tips that will not only ensure that you continue giving rather than taking from our beautiful planet but you will also enjoy your experience even more than you imagined.

Before You Go

Take a good look around your home and unplug any appliances that are not going to be used, also turn off your water heater and central heating unless you happen to be leaving people behind! We often waste energy on services that we don’t even use; so double check that your computer is not on standby and also your cable/satellite box should be given a rest.

On The Plane

Before you actually embark, why not save some paper and use your smartphone for those e-tickets and you’ll also be dodging potential identity thieves by removing that paper trail altogether. Take a direct flight and see if you can choose one that is near capacity instead of hoping for a half empty one. Okay, it may be nice and relaxing to have a few seats to yourself, but look at the bigger picture and know that a little discomfort will be well worth it to our beautiful planet.


If you are going to be finding accommodation after you arrive, try to find eco-friendly options if at all possible. Once you check-in you can employ some green practices to add to your overall efforts. Something as simple as hanging up a ‘do not disturb’ sign on your room to prevent the housekeepers blasting their chemicals and whatnot around your room will help a little. Keep your shower time down to a few minutes and try not to leave the light on, even if those noises outside are a little creepy.


Car hire may be fun and it’s usually not that expensive but if there are just one or two of you, why not skip this altogether and use the local transport system instead? As well as sampling some of the local colour, you will be saving on fossil fuels and the whole event will make for some excellent memories and holiday snaps.

We do hope that your overseas study is everything that you want it to be and if you bear these tips in mind, once your study has completed, you will leave whatever country you are visiting in a far better state than you would be ignoring them.

Author Bio

Phil Hall enjoys running an online clothing business and you can often find him reusing bags for his shopping chores.

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