Recycle It: Other Uses Of Tough #10 Emergency Food Cans

Today, more people are taking expert recommendations to prepare for an emergency very seriously. After all, with the recent economic downturn, the seemingly endless violence that plagues communities all around the world, and the high rate of unemployment and natural disasters, it can be easy to see that an emergency could be just around the corner. However, even as these people prepare for an unexpected emergency, many are still concerned with protecting the planet and living a lifestyle that is as green as possible. Of course, part of this green lifestyle includes recycling and reusing as much as possible.

While it is possible to learn about your food storage options here, it is also important to consider how all of those food storage containers can be re-purposed into something useful. After all, storing food is certainly an important part of emergency preparedness; however, at the essence of preparedness is a crucial need not to be wasteful. Fortunately, there are many great uses for #10 cans.

Let’s Plant on Them!

One very important use for these cans can be as planters for seeds that are kept in storage with your other food supplies. With a store of shelf-stable foods, you have emergency provisions for a specific period of time; however, if you also have seeds, you can grow fruits, vegetables, grains, herbs and even plants for medicinal purposes. Empty #10 cans make excellent growing vessels and can be placed outdoors or brought indoors when the weather turns cold.


Another handy use for #10 food cans is as an excellent source for safe light. In many emergency situations, you might find yourself without electricity. This will often require either the use of candles or a flashlight for illumination. While flashlights and battery powered lights are certainly convenient, they are also dependent on a stored supply of batteries. Fortunately, you can make an easy lantern using an empty emergency food can. These lanterns can burn candles or various oils; even leftover cooking oil can be used.

Let’s Store on Them!

Of course, if you have a quantity of #10 food cans, you can certainly use them for many functions around the home. Whether you are living in an emergency situation or you simply want to recycle your food cans as you rotate out your emergency food supplies, there are many ways these cans can be used. For example, the size of these cans make them perfect for storing all types of items. Many Twitter users suggest using them for everything from sewing supplies to nuts and bolts. Additionally, you can bake amazing bread in a #10 can, either using your regular home oven or even a solar oven.

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