Reasons to Specify Insulated Garage Doors

As the world`s population continues to grow, so is the strain on the environment. With fossil fuels starting to run out in certain parts of the world, many homeowners are experiencing the highest fuel prices on record.  As such many homeowners are now looking at more and more ways of making their homes more energy efficient and are therefore discovering the benefits of installing a new thermally efficient insulated garage door.

In terms of improving your homes energy efficiency rating, whilst it is certainly beneficial to install loft insulation and new double glazing, there are many other areas of the home that can benefit from increased levels of insulation. When you consider the garage opening is going to be the largest thermal break in the home, you can start to understand the importance of providing a thermally efficient insulated garage door across it to prevent heat leaking from the home like water through a sieve.

This is particularly important in homes that feature a garage adjoined to the main house. Homes designed like this often feature a room above the garage that is more often than not a little cooler than the rest of the house and does not retain its heat as easily as other areas of the home. As a result of this, the central heating system needs to be run for longer periods of time than is really necessary which will in-turn lead to increased heating bills.

The problem with a traditional up and over garage door is that in order for it to be opened and closed within the frame, small gaps need to be left to prevent it jamming. These small gaps allow cold air to pass through the door straight inside the garage cooling the temperature dramatically. In addition to this, because the door panel features no insulation, the cold air is able to pas straight through.

Compare this to the thick insulated core of an energy efficient insulated garage door which keeps the cold out much easier and also retains the heat inside the home far longer and it is obvious why they are becoming popular with homeowners looking to make saving off utility bills.

Although traditional forms of garage doors are available in several forms, at present the most popular forms of insulated solutions are the sectional garage doors and the roller garage door. Due to their design, these two doors offer superior levels of energy efficiency and usability. Featuring overlapping panels, draught strips and a thick door curtain, they provide a really tough and durable barrier to protect against the elements.

Roller Garage Doors

An insulated roller door is the ideal product for homeowners looking for all the benefits of an insulated garage door coupled with some additional space saving benefits. As the door rises vertically within the opening, the curtain coils around a central shaft and is rolled up into a neat storage box that is located above the opening. As a result of this, additional storage space can be created with the garage ceiling.

The down side to this kind of door is that because of the design, the level of insulation can only be around 18mm thick. Anymore and the door roll would become too big to be able to be installed into the majority of garage spaces and as a result are not the most energy efficient of insulated door types.

Sectional Garage Doors

Featuring thick 42mm foam filled panels, the design of an insulated sectional garage door means they are the most energy efficient of garage doors available on the market. Constructed from hinged panels that retract back inside the garage rather than rolling up, another feature of the design is that it can be made to look like a traditional garage door but with all the benefits of a modern technology and insulation. With U values of as low as 1w/m2k, you can be sure that installing an insulated sectional garage door will achieve long term savings of utility bills.

To conclude, if you are serious about making reductions to household utility bills, then it will pay in the long term to install an up to date insulated garage door.

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