RAND Picnic – your next family outing at sea!

PRESS RELEASE FROM www.randboats.com.


With RAND Boats’ new electrically powered Picnic boat you can experience nature alongside family and friends without leaving the slightest trace behind.

The boat is built around a re-cycled plastic bottle kernel and offers wooden interior materials from sustainable forestry producer Kebony. And as for propulsion it is electric of course, meaning you and your family can enjoy nature free of noise and fumes in up to 16 hours on a single charge, leaving no oil spill or gasoline leakage in the water.

The eco-friendly boat is moreover easy for everyone to use and requires no license – just press the start button and you’re underway. It sits incredibly calm in the water, and is both self-bailing and sink free making it among the safest family boats on the market.

RAND Picnic is a perfect way, to create family time at sea, for either fishing, bathing or relaxing with a picnic in the most eco-friendly way possible – and yes, it comes with solar transportable solar recharge options.

Founded in Denmark in 2013 RAND Boats specialises in eco-friendly and intuitive motorboats easy for everyone to use regardless of experience and ability.

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