How to Promote Eco-Awareness

There are a lot of things businesses can do to help increase the awareness about global warming. They can donate money to worthy causes in this field or organise their corporate practices in a way that reduces their carbon footprint. Probably the most important things that can be done is raising awareness about ecology and promoting responsible environmental behaviour.

This is something that can be done alongside running your business, it won’t prevent you from making a profit and it will create a stronger bond with your customers.

A green blog

A corporate blog usually has a much larger following than a private one because it’s a useful promotional tool, and there’s often a sense of community among the clients. This could be used to promote an eco-friendly message and point out the efforts made by your company.

The message should be subtle, or it at least shouldn’t overwhelm the reader right away. It should be a part of your day-to-day marketing efforts. That way, the message will carry more weight because you’ll be leading by an example.

Go paperless

Go paperless

Going paperless is a bit difficult for a business that already has a set routine because everyone will need to adapt to the change. However, paper waste is probably the biggest type of waste a business can generate, so quitting it altogether will send a powerful message to both your customers and your employees.

In the long-run, going paperless will save you a significant amount of money because everything you used to do and store on paper can be stored and organized digitally for a fraction of the price. The change should be implemented gradually in order to prevent losing any valuable data and to make it more convenient for everyone involved.

Use promotional materials

Use promotional materials

Promotional material can be used rather effectively to hammer in the point you’re trying to make. It’s used every day, by almost everyone, and it’s usually always within reach. That makes it a great tool for raising awareness about your business.

The only way to do this right is to try and be clever. For instance, using a promotional USB that warns against printing its content could be more noticeable than a paper or a card with a lecture about the importance of recycling.


The biggest addition to the personal carbon footprint comes from driving. That’s how our cities are structured and there’s rarely something you can do about it. Asking someone to use a bicycle or another self-powered method of transportation isn’t enough, and most employees won’t listen because it’s too inconvenient.

The best solution for this is to organize a car pool to and from work. This way the employees will save money by paying for just a portion of the ride and will reduce their carbon footprint.

Gardening and food

Green Up Your Home On a Budget

Farming and gardening usually have a devastating effect on the environment and it can be expensive to buy food from organic gardens if they are far away from your company. Since providing healthy and eco-friendly food should be the company’s responsibility, you might take an extra step and buy a local garden and grow your own food.

This could also be a great move for office productivity and morale. Having a company garden is something that will attract employees and allow them to relax and recharge their batteries when the daily tasks become too overwhelming. If this step is too radical for you, you may start with supporting local farmers and creating long-term deals with them.

Promoting eco-awareness is equally important as trying not to endanger the environment. Leading by example and explaining the importance of green businesses is just as difficult as running such a business.

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