Paper Is One of The Most Recycled Products in The World

Paper Recycling

We use a wealth of paper but the majority of people seem to understand that it’s important to do so in a sustainable way. This infographic from Colourfast takes you through the progress we are making with recycling paper but also highlights the work that still needs to be done. America and Europe have both made incredible progress on this front in recent years which is great to see.

One point of note is that while paper is being recycled more, we still struggle to recycle other important items. Why it is that more paper is recovered than the total amount of glass, metal, and plastic recycled? This really needs to be examined closely.

However, it is of course still encouraging to see the progress we are making with paper recycling. More types of paper can perhaps be recycled than you think and you can learn about what can and can’t be recycled in the infographic. Check it out now.

Paper - One of the Most Recycled Products in the World

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