New Computer Game Supports Drive to Save the Rainforest


It’s been said that the average computer game fanatic will have played thousands of hours’ worth of video games by adulthood. Many of the traditional sports and war games have been criticised for showing few benefits to society, or our environment. However, a new video game launch in Costa Rica has shown that gaming can have strong educational benefits – with the launch of the Rainforest Rangers game, a multi-platform gaming product that teaches young people about the rainforest, their value and the threats they currently face from deforestation.

The game itself

The premise of the game is beautifully simple. Two characters work to fight a villain who is determined to destroy the rainforest. During the game itself, the user learns about the rainforest and the game is accompanied by a website packed with resources for parents, teachers and other learning support workers. The topics featured on the site include various core curriculum topics, such as food webs, the water cycle and wildlife characteristics.

Fun and education

The creator of the game, Jan Dwire, said that Rainforest Rangers had been designed as a fast-pace and fun online game, designed for children of eight years and more. The website that hosts the game works on any internet-enabled device across the world; laptops, computers, tablets and mobile phones. The players will enjoy quizzes and mini-games to move up the various gaming levels, all the time learning new facts and expanding their knowledge about the value of the rainforest.

The driver behind the concept, Jan, originally moved to Costa Rica as part of a sabbatical from his former corporate life. Whilst volunteering in the rainforest for environmental groups, he recognised the value of gaming and education combined, in the quest to educate the next generation in how to save the rainforest. Now he’s allowing children to become positive change agents for the next generation, through play and learning.