Make Use of Fallen Leaves

It seems like the shower of fallen leaves is never ending. When cold temperatures come you will find yourself raking leaves from your patio, deck, lawn and garden more and more often. This is especially the case if garden care for your orchard has proven successful.

Quite often you will be tempted to just throw away the collected leaves, without any consideration of what else you can use them for. The truth is that leaves are a precious resource, which you can utilise in many ways. It doesn’t really matter how much you collect, for you can have them included in a number of garden care activities, all of which certainly worth it for consideration. Expert gardeners suggest several uses of fallen leaves, each being better than simply throwing them away. Here is what you can do with them:


Healthy compost is required for every gardening enthusiast. Having a compost pile in your garden is definitely useful for a variety of reasons. One of the most important is that it provides your plants with an instant source of some pick-me-up boost whenever it is required. Fallen leaves make a perfect addition to your compost pile, and in fact are a needed addition for an even healthier compost material. All you have to do is keep them moist, but not thoroughly wet. Turn your compost pile few times a month, to allow air circulation which will break down the leaves into black compost. You can then use that to support your plants.

Magical Gardens: Myth, Mulch and Marigolds

Magical Gardens: Myth, Mulch and Marigolds

Lawn care

When leaves find their way on your lawn, don’t trouble yourself to collect them all. Instead, you can run them over with the lawnmower. Have it on the highest cutting setting and give the leaves a good shred. The small pieces of leaves will eventually be absorbed into the lawn. This will make the soil healthier and rich in much needed nutrients, which will help it over the course of winter and enable an even better lawn the next season.


Fallen leaves make excellent mulching material, which you can use in your garden. There are numerous benefits to mulching, all of which you should keep in mind. Now that you have a readily available resource for mulch, it is easy to acquire the benefits. Collect leaves, shred them and spread the material around your plants. This will prevent weeds to a great extent and also allow the soil to retain moisture.

Store leaves for the next season

Leaves make for excellent brown material for your compost pile. They are hard to come by when spring comes around, which is why storing some of the leaves you collect during autumn and winter is a wise idea. Put them in a bag and keep it in a cool and dry place till next you need them. You will have a ready supply of brown material for your spring compost pile.

Don’t be too quick to dispose of fallen leaves as you collect them. Consider each of the outlined uses, as they hold many benefits and can greatly assist your gardening efforts

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