How To Make A Hygge Home

Hygge is a design and lifestyle concept from Denmark which is becoming increasingly popular. Associated with pale neutral colour schemes, especially white, Hygge homes focus on happiness and well-being.

n this infographic we take a look at ways to make your home Hygge. It's not difficult to achieve and doesn't cost a fortune, in fact Hygge is not about extravagance and the cost of things. It's about enjoying and sharing experiences with loved ones along with quality, meaningful ‘me' time. Drinking your favourite coffee, wearing relaxing, non-restricting lounge-wear or relaxing in a warm bubble bath are examples of how Hygge lifestyles work.

In the home décor and soft furnishings focus on warmth and cosy comfort. Fluffy statement rugs placed on wooden flooring, cushions with textural elements, such as thick knits, and snugly throws are used in living rooms and bedrooms.

Candles play a huge role in Hygge living. They're used to create a relaxing ambience with their warm soft glow and scents that evoke good memories. Open fires and wood burners are used extensively in Danish décor, so, if you're fortunate enough to have either they're a great place to sit in front of with family and friends.

Hygge isn't solely for inside your home, it embraces the outdoors too. Walks or simple outdoor activities are great for helping to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Hygge is forecast to be this biggest trend this year. Find out more on How To Make A Hygge Home by taking a look at the piece below.

The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well

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