Make The Difference with Eco Friendly Storage Containers

Eco Friendly Storage Containers

It is true that we are now living in a world where sustainability matter more than it ever has. For the change to really take place, big businesses should be making small changes to their packaging and product handling strategies.

Businesses like Exporta Global have been making an effort to improve their carbon footprint by recycling materials from euro containers and boxes. Recycling plastic saves twice as much energy as burning it in an incinerator, which proves this is a huge step in the right direction for product handling companies.

If you are small business that wants to make a change, the decision to make Eco-friendly choices is largely dependent on the storage and packaging you use. You too can invest in Eco-friendly storage options such as euro crates and storage containers.

Cut Cost with Recyclable Stacking Containers

Are you wasting hundreds of cardboard boxes every year? Sometimes, your stock will require better protection. If you are a small business that ships overseas, then it may be time for you to invest in professional product handling materials.

Buying euro containers in bulk is to save money. One of the biggest mistakes companies make is to buy cheap storage containers that aren’t eco-friendly, that will need replaced every other year. If you are serious about improving your environmental foot print is to invest in reliable storage like euro stacking containers.

Space is also a factor as euro stacking containers can save your business space/ Space costs money and by having more room, you will not need to purchase extra storage areas. Stackable boxes can easily fit on top of one another, this means that you can free up space while saving money.

Pallet Boxes

If you have a bigger business, then you may want to invest in pallet boxes. Collapsible pallet boxes are extremely sturdy, which make them one of the best ways for moving your business’ goods. There are many benefits of using collapsible plastic pallet boxes that can be recycled.

  • Fast turnaround of the delivery vehicle
  • Reduced labour
  • Reduced risk of worker injury
  • Goods in pallet boxes are better protected which means less waste
  • Pallet boxes can be stored more efficiently in warehouses

Investing in quality materials means that you will not need to keep refreshing your stock. Pallet boxes can be used time and time again, which makes them the perfect option for medium-large sized companies that want to become more sustainable.

Space may not be an issue for bigger business, however, if you have dealt with pallet boxes in the past, then you will know that double stacking in a container can save you a significant sum.

Eco-Friendly Business

Whether you are a big or small business there are lots of options when it comes to being a greener business.  Your business and your customers can benefit from using Eco-friendly shipping containers. Remember to speak to a product handling advisor before you go ahead as there are different choices to consider depending on the type of business you own.

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