How to Throw a Green Party

Parties are fun and a great way to bring your family and friends together. Unfortunately, parties also cause the wastage of a huge amount of energy and resources. However, you can reduce your party’s carbon footprint and make it green by making just a few eco-conscious decisions. Read on to find out how!

Send out green invitations

Start your party preparations on a green note by ditching paper invitations in favour of online invites. If you still prefer doing things the traditional way, make your own custom invites and thank-you notes on recycled paper or paper made from non-tree materials such as hemp. In your invitation, don’t forget to encourage your guests to choose eco-friendly modes of transportation or carpool to get to the party destination!

Dish up green food and drinks

Plan an ecofriendly party menu with locally grown meat and produce. Not only do you avoid the huge wastage of resources in packing and shipping exotic ingredients from halfway across the world, fresh food is also healthier, tastier and cheaper. Your local farmer’s market may be a great place to buy fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. Many grocery stores now also carry organic eggs and hormone-free, antibiotic-free meat.

If you are short of ideas, have a look at this website for more than 70 ecofriendly meals and recipes. You can even choose to go a step ahead and plan a complete meat-free, dairy-free vegan menu. Pair your food with sustainable cocktail drinks and wines or locally brewed beer and you have a sensational party on your hands!

Now you are done planning the menu, try cutting down on the large amount of trash your party will contribute to the landfill by choosing environment friendly tableware. If you are expecting a large number of guests and don’t have enough matching plates, try mixing and matching sets for an eclectic touch.If you still must use disposable plates, cups or napkins, choose products that are made from biodegradable materials.

Make it fun

Green parties do not have to be boring, that’s right! Help your guests return to their childhood by organizing fun, ecofriendly party games such as newspaper dances, guessing games and treasure hunts. You can even offer a prize for the guest who took the most ecofriendly mode of transport to reach your party!

Send your guests home with green party favors

Bid goodbye to your friends with ecofriendly party favors such as seeds or potted plants, organic linen, all-natural cosmetics, handmade soaps, fruit baskets, tickets to a local play or gift certificates. Instead of using traditional wrapping paper and bows to wrap your gifts, pack your gifts in reusable gift bags or baskets.

It’s time for a green post-party clean up

The post-party clean up is a much loathed, but inevitable part of hosting a party. You can, however, reduce a small part of your burden by sending the leftovers and party décor home with your guests. Hopefully, you had set put separate bins for recyclable materials and food waste before the party began. Transfer all the food scraps to the compost bin to create natural manure for your garden. Wash your dishes with green, ecofriendly cleaning products that do not release toxic gases into the atmosphere.

Kurt Jacobson is a writer and vacation rental manager. Knowing what it takes to maintain pristine appearances for customers, he thrives on sharing what he's learned from his experience. When he's not managing a property, he writes about Bloomington home cleaning for Professional Home Cleaning Inc.

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