What Happens To Your Vehicle After It’s Donated

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If you have an unwanted car, truck or any other type of vehicle that’s outlived its usefulness, you have a few options. You could try to sell it yourself, but depending on the car’s condition, that could be easier said than done. You could have the car scrapped, like the nearly 12 million cars that are junked each year to be recycled — but you probably won’t receive much of a return on your investment that way, and it isn’t the most environmentally friendly choice. Donating your car to charity, however, can be a great way to rid yourself of an unwanted car no matter what condition it’s in, while also potentially getting something back in the form of a tax deduction. But before you consider donating your car, it’s important to know what will most likely happen to your vehicle once you turn it over to the nonprofit of your choice.

After the nonprofit takes the car, it is inspected to determine its condition. If the car is in too poor a condition, the nonprofit will have the vehicle sold for scrap, with the proceeds being used to further the nonprofit’s mission. If, however, the car is still in good enough shape, it can be sold at auction or donated to a needy family. No matter what, you’ll know that you have contributed directly to a worthy cause and potentially set yourself up to receive a tax deduction that could be of benefit to you. Donating a car also is a great way to make a positive contribution to the environment, because recycling a car rather than allowing it to sit in a junk yard helps preserve natural resources and reduces pollution that is created by the manufacturing process.

Donating a car to a nonprofit benefits people in need by helping support organizations that do good work right there in your local community. It also benefits you by getting rid of an unwanted burden as well as potentially providing you with a tax deduction. For more information about what could happen to your car after you donate it, check out the accompanying infographic by Goodwill Car Donation. You’ll learn about several potential roads your unwanted car could take after you donate it to a nonprofit.

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