Green-Up Your Bathroom with These 7 Eco-friendly Tips

You start and end each day in your bathroom and that makes it one of the most important parts of your home. If you’re trying to be more eco-friendly and change your habits so as to help our planet stay healthy, you should know that you can start with your bathroom. We give you a list of useful tips which will help you green up your bathroom.

Save water

One of the biggest problems is water usage: people use more water than they actually need due to silly habits. Make sure you turn off the tap while you’re brushing your teeth and try getting water-saving faucets. What is more, you can install aerators on your faucets and shower heads and reduce your water usage. You can also try getting dual flush triggers for your toilet which allows you to choose how much water you need before you flush.

Refuse disposables

Paper towels may be handy, but the only disposable paper in your bathroom should be the toilet paper. Everything else should be of better quality and reusable: microfiber towels and reusable rags are as good as disposable wipes and much better in the long run because you will be saving money too. Also, it would be good if you started buying shampoos and soaps in bigger packages and use old containers you can re-fill when you run out of a certain product.

Green-Up Your Bathroom

Green cleaning products

If you ever stopped to read the label on a cleaning product, you would notice that they use a lot of dangerous chemicals. These are not only bad for your health but they are also bad for the environment. However, you can do something about that. Making your own green cleaning solution is incredibly easy: all you need is white vinegar, lemons, and some baking soda. The mixture is effective and safe to use in your entire home, not just your bathroom.

Green-Up Your Bathroom

Let there be light

Another seemingly insignificant change in your bathroom that can make a great difference is swapping your old incandescent light bulbs for something better. If you have a window, use as much natural light as possible and leave the blinds open during the day. You can also try pairing electronic ballasts with fluorescent lighting because these are the most efficient, but if this light is too strong for your vanity, there are other halogen options available.

Go organic

People buy towels and other bath linens made of regular cotton because these tend to be a bit cheaper, but there are many good sides to organic cotton you should consider. These products require less pesticides and toxins in their production, making them ‘greener’ from the start, and the difference in price is compensated by the incredible softness of the linens. They are also gentler which makes them great for people with sensitive skin too.

Eco-friendly beauty products

It’s easy to forget that there are ingredients in our own personal care products that aren’t environmentally friendly. You can start reading the labels on products you’re using and try finding a ‘greener’ option for some of them: natural deodorant, organic coconut oil as makeup remover, activated charcoal instead of whitening toothpaste… These are less famous but much healthier products for both you and the planet.

Green-Up Your Bathroom

Safe materials

Learn which materials are the best ‘green’ options for your bathrooms: avoid PVC curtains but buy vanities made of more durable materials. Wall-hung bathroom vanities in Sydney are popular in small bathrooms, as these allow you to store boxes with cleaning supplies underneath, and if you pick one made of moisture-resistant material, you’ll be able to use it for years to come without having to replace it due to water damage.

Changing your habits isn’t always easy, especially if you’re used to doing things a certain way or using a particular product. On the other hand, even the smallest changes can go a long way in saving the planet. They also make us feel more alive and remind us that just because we are used to something, it doesn’t mean it’s the right way.

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