Five Great Ideas for Environmentally Friendly Weddings

Choosing to have a more eco-friendly wedding may not be the happy couple’s first thoughts when planning for their big day. Making decisions that will have a better or lesser impact upon the environment, however, will leave you with more money in your pocket and (maybe) a good feeling. Here we have come up with some environmentally kind ideas that you could incorporate into your festivities.

Floral Alternatives

Flower bouquets for weddings are extremely costly and don’t last long enough to be able to enjoy their beauty. As an alternative, you could consider a bouquet made out of lace and crystals for you and your bridesmaids as you walk down the aisle. Another suggestion is to have centerpieces made out of candles, glass, birdcages or other non-floral materials.  A recent wedding I attended had some gorgeous Bonsai and decorated topiary trees round the edges and in the centre of the reception area.

Choose Local Products

Whether you have a specific favor or invitation in mind, try to find these materials in the local community. By deciding to order an item from across the country, you're essentially asking for materials to be flown across the country. This action, of course, wastes gas. Check out some local farm stands for unique country favors such as little jars of maple syrup. Ask a crafty relative to make invitations, or visit the shop around the corner instead of ordering them online.

Use Natural Light

Some weddings have big lights from the DJ that fill the ballroom. When the celebration takes place at night, no other option really exists to have plenty of lights on so people can see. Choose a day time wedding. Whether the celebration is outside or in a room with a ton of windows, the natural light of the sun will fill the space. Most couples will want a night time party, however, and in this case, a marquee rigged with energy-saving lights and a greener power generation unit will make for a greener do. Recently, I read about a couple who organised a party round a bonfire with teepees as chill-out areas!  This is one rather novel way to have a greener wedding day!

How to Get Married in Green: Have an eco-friendly wedding without compromising on style

How to Get Married in Green: Have an eco-friendly wedding without compromising on style

Green Transportation Modes

It's likely that you'll take limousines to the wedding, so ask the company how their cars are in terms of environmental friendliness. You might choose to use hybrid vehicles. Be wary of the huge SUVs and party buses; these can use up huge amounts of gas. Consider the effects on the environment of asking some people to drive to the wedding verse hiring a huge gas guzzling vehicle to take all of them. In the UK, people sometimes opt for a horse and carriage ride to the church. Quite a lovely way for the bride, groom and closest relatives to travel.

One Site Weddings

If you are not required by your faith to have your wedding ceremony in a house of worship, choose to have both the ceremony and the reception in the same location. Many reception halls have beautiful outdoor spaces or chapels in which you and your spouse can recite your views. Instead of wasting gas and driving from site to site, guests will simply be able to walk on over.

Quite a few ways exist in which you can throw an environmentally friendly wedding on your very special day. If you can think of any more, please contribute by leaving a comment below.

Author Bio:  Laura Kay is a freegan, lover of English and American literature and maker of jewellery. When she’s not reading or crafting things – she blogs on behalf of the diamond engagement ring stockist, Portfolio of Fine Diamonds (

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