Environment Friendly Ways Of Managing Waste

Environment preservation and conservation has picked up as one of the major concerns in the country and every human being should play their part in the movement to take care of our Earth. There are many aspects of environment conservation and preservation that require efforts to be made by us on a daily basis and waste management is one such aspect.

We all generate different kinds of waste daily, and this waste should be processed and managed in a way that it does minimum harm to the environment. There are small ways of ensuring this and it can be done in the comfort of our homes. All that is required on our part is a little bit of effort and awareness. Most of us get lazy to do things the eco- friendly way, because it requires a little bit more of our time and energy, but the bright side is that our Earth is going to benefit from this and as inhabitants of planet Earth, it is our duty to at least do this much, i.e. manage waste, the environment friendly way.

Here are some of the ways you can manage waste, the eco- friendly way.


This is a very common practise in the environment preservation community. However, more often than not we find ourselves still throwing away things that could be easily reused. We don’t even realise when we’re discarding waste that this could probably be reused. For example, glass bottles like that of wine and other beverages, can easily be used to store water at homes or office spaces. Just wash the bottles properly and start storing water in them. You will save money on bottles for storing water and you’re managing what would have been waste. You can also reuse gift packing material. Again you will be able to save money on gifting material and reduce the amount of waste you’re generating. Each time you are throwing something out, ask yourself can i reuse this for the same purpose or something else? Try to reuse as much waste as you can.


Recycling waste is really big and popular right now. All you have to do is ensure that you are separating out the recyclable waste from the non-recyclable waste. This requires effort on your part for separating out the waste and also in being aware to buy things that are recyclable. These lifestyle changes are required on your part if you want to make the small difference which will make a big impact in conserving and preserving the Earth.

Compost Pit or Worm Bin

This one really requires a lot of effort on your part, but if you’re truly passionate and concerned about the wellbeing of planet Earth, then you’ll definitely enjoy doing this. A compost pit is made of all the waste, like food remains and other waste material, that is biodegradable. You can collect all your waste at a spot in the garden and have a compost pit which will also be beneficial for your plants and flowers.

A worm bin is a faster compost pit. While a compost pit will take longer to break down the waste, a worm bin will do the job faster, owing it to the worms. This is would be the best and most environment friendly way of getting rid of biodegradable waste.

Professional Waste Management Services

If you find the above mentioned methods of managing waste, too time consuming and tasking, you can then choose to spend some money and get professional waste management services. Companies like A Better Service Ltd. offer many waste disposal services that will do the waste management job for you, at a price. They offer not just regular waste disposal services, but also liquid waste removal, cesspool emptying, septic tank emptying, pump chamber cleaning, pump station cleaning, wet well cleaning etc. all kinds of waste disposal services. Waste is not just what is found in our garbage bins, waste is also sewage, blocked drains etc. and so it’s important to get this kind of waste disposed off properly.

Getting a waste disposal company to do the job for you has many advantages. You will save on your time, which you can then utilise to do something else. You will be disposing off your waste smartly because waste disposal companies ensure that the waste gets disposed off in an environment friendly way. They will do the recycling job for you. And also, you and your surroundings will remain hygienic and healthy. You will be able to ensure that your surroundings are clean and green.


Waste management and disposal is one of the most important environmental concerns because waste is reject material. Waste is something that is not used again and does not have a purpose anymore. So this means that all things and material that is not useful anymore will keep piling up on this Earth spreading diseases and degrading the environment. A lot of the waste, more than half that is produced, can be managed smartly and efficiently, so that it does not pile up as reject material on the Earth and does not harm the environment. So next time you get ready to dispose off your waste, ask yourself can you reduce it and make less to pile up on Earth?

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