Eco-Gardening – Emerging and Significant Trend of This Year

We, humans, are selfish animals. We have used, reused and abused the Earth for generations. Just think about the plastic covers, factory wastes into the rivers, sewage and what not. We have been the culprits for the present state of the Earth, extinction of thousands of species of animals and plants, the death of hundreds of humans because of pollution, and the list goes on. Nowadays, people are becoming more and more eco-conscious and are looking to do their bit to contribute to Mother Earth. One of the emerging ideas is eco-gardening. This article tries to reason out why eco-gardening is one of this year's most significant trends.

What is Eco-Garden?        


“Eco” stands for Ecology. So, Eco-Garden basically means a mini-ecosystem right in your backyard. People also grow their own fruits, vegetables and flowers in this garden. An Important thing to notice here is that no chemical fertilizers are used in eco-gardens. Only manure and other bio-fertilizers are used. Such gardens often flourish with butterflies, bees, earthworms and other insects. This can also be called a “retreat to nature”.

Why is eco-garden becoming popular?


Eco-garden is an eco-friendly way to beautify your backyard or estate. This is not all, there are more reasons why people are becoming increasingly fond of eco-gardening. Few of them are as follows.

#1 Grow your own stuff

With the vegan population growing year-by-year, the prices of vegetables are soaring. So, people are considering growing their own fruits and vegetables. This is also one of the best ways of spending their time and also save money spent on buying vegetables. It also serves as a good mood booster. Another fact worth mentioning is that it helps you spend quality family time with your dear and near ones in the garden.

#2 Go Organic

Another reason why people fear buying vegetables from the market is the fertilizers and chemicals used while growing them and chemicals used to artificially ripen and/or preserve them. An advantage of eco-gardening is that one can choose what fertilizers, pesticides and/or fungicides to use. If one wants to go natural, he/she can always choose to use eco-friendly products to preserve crops, making it safe both for the environment and human consumption.

#3 Creating a mini-ecosystem

An eco-garden can become home for many tiny animals and insects like squirrels, frogs, earthworms, birds, etc. Your garden shall become a mini ecosystem depicting the perfect coexistence of flora and fauna. This is one of the best ways to do our bit to preserve biodiversity.

#4 Serving Mother Earth


Humans have been extracting resources from Earth. With the increasing awareness of what humans are doing to nature, more and more people are willing to do their bit to preserve Earth for the progeny. So, they are getting into eco-gardening to contribute their bit for the cause of the Earth and its future inhabitants.

This way, eco-gardening is becoming popular these days, especially among the vegans. If you have decided to take up eco-gardening, here is a tip to boost your motivation. Make sure you put up yard signs with your name or your family name on it and put it up in your garden. This gives the garden, which you maintain with utmost care, an identity, just like naming a baby.

Pick up Eco-Gardening and help Mother Earth!!

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