The Eco-Friendly Way to Clean Your Bathroom

The Eco-Friendly Way to Clean Your Bathroom

Are you sick of all the expensive and toxic chemicals that don’t clean all the stains and scale properly? These chemicals are not only expensive, they are also very dangerous and the harmful to the environment. There are probably many people who are trying their best to keep their houses clean without all the harmful substances; if you are one of them and want to try the eco-friendly ways of cleaning your bathroom, then you’re in the right place.

The sacred trinity of the eco-cleaning is vinegar, lemon, and baking soda.


Alcohol vinegar is very useful for cleaning because it removes almost everything, from stains to odors. You should use white, plain alcohol vinegar, nothing more. Although you can pour some baking soda or squeeze some lemon in it. You only shouldn’t use it on stone or marble surfaces. In combination with baking soda, it’s a lifesaver when it comes to clogged sinks.

Baking soda

This ingredient we use at home is a mildly abrasive, and you can use it for washing and polishing in your bathroom. If you put some in warm water you can wash your bin, shower curtains and all of your brushes, and you can use it to wash your windows and get rid of all the water stains on them.

Baking Soda

All that sweet lemon juice

Lemon juice is often used in cleaning because it is a highly-effective stain and odor removal agent. Also, it can serve as a natural bleach. You can easily use it to remove, so be free to soak your taps in it from time to time.

Lemon Juice

The secret trinity of cleaning

We’re giving you the recipe to make your own homemade cleaning product from these three powerful ingredients. You will need 7 cups of water, ½ cup of the baking soda, 1/3 cup of the lemon juice, and ¼ cup of alcohol vinegar. Dissolve the soda in water, add a lemon juice and pour vinegar at the end, slowly. Wait for the chemical reaction to settle and then you can use it. This recipe is perfect for tile and grout cleaning. You can always use a toothbrush to clean grout lines.

The taps and faucets, the shower and shower curtains

The water scale is your worst enemy, we all know that. All those ugly white marks on your faucets and inside your shower are simply terrible to look at. Don’t worry, some lemon juice and white vinegar will remove all the scale in a matter of minutes. On the other hand, clogging can be a terrible headache. The clog inside your shower or a sink can cause damage to your bathroom; so, if this happens, we recommend relying on reliable plumbing services in your neighborhood.


Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Believe it or not, one of the best ways to clean your mirrors is clean water and some newspapers. Yes, you heard correctly, newspapers. Put some water in your spray bottle and spray the mirror, afterward clean it well with one newspaper sheet. You will be amazed! If you like to have your mirrors disinfected, on the other hand, you can always use just alcohol, instead of any other glass cleaning products.


As you can see, eco-friendly cleaning is really not that hard. It can save you a lot of money since the ingredients are always inside your home. It can save your time for buying all of the expensive products and it helps the environment. We believe these are quite enough for you to start thinking more about our lovely planet and start cleaning eco-friendly.

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