Eco-friendly Garage Doors

The garage door is the largest moving object in your home, as well as the largest entry-way in your home. This means that not only does a garage door expend a lot of energy to construct, but it also can dictate how hot or cold your home gets. The two key aspects of having an eco-friendly garage door are to keep heating and cooling costs down and have a garage door that is constructed of sustainable materials that are not harmful to the environment.

Garage Door Materials

Environmentally friendly and composite garage doors are usually made from a combination of recycled wood and hard exterior resigns. Many people think that these eco-friendly composite garage doors are flimsy and weak and cannot stand up to the elements like traditional garage doors. The truth is, composite garage doors are actually more durable than standard garage doors because the materials they are constructed with resist moisture and Sun damage. Composite garage doors are also more durable than traditional garage doors when it comes to cracking, splitting, denting, and expanding.

Insulating your Garage Door

Insulation is the key component to climate control throughout your home. Since the garage door closes a very large opening in your home, it’s important to make sure that it is properly insulated. However, you should not just choose any insulation for your garage door; you should make sure that the insulation itself is sustainable and friendly to the environment. Natural cotton fiber insulation is a great eco-friendly solution to insulate your garage door. It is made of recycled denim jeans, so it keeps old jeans out of the landfill and doesn’t contain the harmful toxins that other insulations have. Once you have successfully insulated your garage door, you’ll notice a decline in your energy bills, ultimately decreasing your footprint on the environment.

Going green with your garage door isn’t very difficult but the payoff is huge. Since it is such a large object, it’s important to conserve as much material as possible when constructing the door. Composite garage doors are about the same price as traditional garage doors so there’s no excuse not to get one! The garage door is only a small part of the overall green overhaul you can do to your entire home. Decrease your environmental footprint one project at a time.

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