Driving Into A Battery Powered Future

Recent years have seen electric cars go from being somewhat of a niche area to a real contender to traditional petrol or diesel engines. This infographic takes a look at how the rise of electric cars will continue into the future, as it is predicted that they will account for over one third of all new car sales and exceed 400 million by 2040.

How Electric and Hybrid Cars Work (Eco Works)

How Electric and Hybrid Cars Work

China is one of the main reason for the estimated increase in sales of electric cars as they currently have the largest expanding market.

One key point of this predicted rise is the falling cost of the batteries, which are expected to have dropped by 4/5ths by 2030.

Luxury electric cars, such as the Tesla, are dominating the figures, however, other manufacturers are aware of Tesla's success and are following suit. The infographic looks beyond the BMW i series and includes some of the most innovative Tesla vehicles that should be on the market within the next few years. It also includes one of the most secretive cars, the Faraday Future, which has received $1 billion of American investment to date.

Looking forward it is possible that the car manufacturing market could be challenged further from the likes of Apple and Google with Giant Baidu and Dyson UK also showing a keen interest in expanding into the electric car market.

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