Dispelling the Myths of Green Cleaning

As a society we seem to be obsessed with ridding ourselves of germs and bacteria and the marketing strategies of various chemical cleaning products and companies tap into this paranoia that unless our homes are sprayed with disinfectant, bleached clean and doused with artificial air fresheners we will succumb to all manner of illnesses and our homes will be dirty and smelly.

In fact, this marketing ploy has been so strong that green cleaning products and companies have been viewed with suspicion. How can your home possibly be left clean and hygienic without the aid of strong anti-bacterial agents? Well let’s aim to answer some of the myths that circulate around eco-friendly cleaning.

Eco-Friendly Products are not as good as Branded Cleaning Products

It is true that some cleaning agents such as oven cleaners contain caustic soda which literally dissolves dirt and grime and is so powerful it needs to be handled with extreme caution. Natural cleaning products don’t contain any corrosives or toxins and so a little elbow grease may be needed to shift those greasy stains, but luckily you can do this without fear of breathing in noxious fumes or burning your skin. Lemon juice, baking soda and white vinegar are just some of the magic ingredients that are effective cleansers and the end result is just as good as with ordinary household cleaners.

By far the most effective and environmentally friendly cleaning method is the powerful steam cleaner which directs a scalding hot jet of steam vapour at the surface, such as a carpet or bedding. This strong cleaning solution is highly effective at removing dried in stains and has the added benefit of completely sterilising the surface area. All this is achieved using just one ingredient – water.

Healthy Homes are Germ-Free

This is an absolute myth. Scientists all agree that in order to build a healthy immune system, people – and especially children – need to be exposed to some germs and bacteria. That’s not to say that you can take risks with uncooked meat and leave surfaces unwashed but you don’t have to go mad with the disinfectant. A completely sterilised home is actually worse for your immune system because over-usage of anti-bacterial products is producing drug-resistant strains of bacteria such as MRSA.

Green Cleaners Don’t Kill Harmful Bacteria

There are plenty of natural ingredients that have anti-bacterial properties such as alcohol, white vinegar, tea-tree oil and hydrogen peroxide. They have been proven to be just as effective as disinfectants, killing the Salmonella and E-coli bug and because they evaporate at a rapid rate, they don’t promote resistance or kill any harmless bacteria.

Written by Ecophy, a company that provides outstanding cleaning at little cost to the environment. Providing a thorough, deep clean does not have to be compromised by ethical standards and in fact many eco-friendly products could give the branded products a fair run for their money!

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