Buy Special Ethical Presents or Go Ethical on an Everyday Basis

Once upon a time, not so long ago, you’d be hard pushed to track down ethical goods of any kind. But the past few years have seen a quiet revolution taking place.

Across Britain and beyond thousands of small companies have sprung up, dedicated to sourcing ethically and environmentally responsible products of every kind from mother and baby to food and home-ware, clothing to bath time and grooming treats.

There are organic and free range specialist butchers online, organic fruit, veg and wines, electric and hybrid cars, gorgeous sustainable tableware and glassware, children’s toys, snacks… the list goes on and on. Responsible shopping is so popular that we’re right on the cusp of being able to buy almost anything and everything we need ethically, on an everyday basis. Here are two of the best.

Chunky recycled glass tumblers

Recycled Glass TumblersBeautiful dark green, rich amethyst and summery turquoise chunky recycled glass tumblers have taken over the kitchens of thousands of people with their cool good looks and immaculate ethical credentials. They’re made by hand by a family business in Mexico from used Pepsi bottles, carefully shaped using techniques that date back a thousand years. Every glass is unique, and they’re rugged enough for kids to use. And you can also buy funky wine glasses made by the same people.

The Pepsi bottles the business uses are at the end of their recycling life, as it the other types of glass they add to the mix. It’s melted down and hand-blown, at which point the colour is added. Glass recycling is energy-efficient, saving the same amount of energy you’d use boiling five cups of water. Multiply that by the 2.4 million tonnes of glass dumped in landfill sites every year and you can see how it stacks up! Hand-made glass is never fully dishwasher proof but these beauties can be put through the washer as long as you don’t mind if the glass eventually goes a little dull. And, of course, when you wash up by hand you save water and energy.

Bamboo picnic-ware by Bambu

BambuBamboo, like cork, is rapidly becoming a superstar in the ethical goods world. It’s sustainable, it grows like wildfire – the fastest growing plant on the planet – it sucks up CO2 and gives off 35% more pure, clean oxygen than a tree the same size. Bamboo ‘wood’ is tough, durable and lovely to look at.

You can buy gorgeous veneer-ware, 3 ply single-use bamboo picnic equipment that biodegrades in just four months, including cutlery and travel sets. Or choose from a vast collection of lovely tableware that you treat just like ordinary ceramic plates and bowls, perfect for hot or cold food. Although they’re not dishwasher safe, they’re easy to wash by hand with warm, soapy water.

You might be looking for special ethical presents. Maybe you just want to enhance your everyday life with products that don’t cause harm to people, animals or environments and are made by well-treated, happy workers. Either way the world’s your oyster these days – a short search online should deliver everything you need.


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