Autumn Gardening Projects to Keep Your Backyard Green and Breathtaking

Autumn is one of the best parts of the year for gardening, and you can do so much every day in order to prepare your plants for the upcoming weather changes. Weather conditions starting from March are fit for planting herbs and veggies, but also different sorts of flowers in all colours, as these can blossom even at low temperatures. No matter how big or small your garden is, you can find a quiet corner to relax and enjoy some gardening you’ll be proud of later.

Start with preparing the soil

First, you’ll need to build a strong foundation for your plants. You can achieve this by using fertilizers and nourishing the ground that’s still warm from the summer heat. This will provide your plants with enough nutrients to start growing, as well as with some additional pesticides so that they will start to spread quite soon. You need to keep the soil moist: after being constantly dry during the summer, these cooler autumn days are a true relief not only for the plants, but also the soil. This doesn’t mean you should reduce watering, though; it just means you won’t have to do it as frequently. Although the surface seems like it’s moist, deep down, the soil is still dry and you’ll need to water it quite a lot before the water reaches the roots of your plants.

Plant without worrying about it

Autumn is a glorious time for many plants because the weather conditions suit lots of different species. The most obvious choice would be planting bulbs, because they can survive these conditions and will add some much-needed colour to your backyard. You’d be surprised at the variety of colours, sizes and shapes these flowers come in. Moreover, as they reach their full potential in the spring, this is the perfect time to plant them and show them love before they start blooming. Another great choice is Boronia, a native Australian shrub famous for its unique, fresh, perfume-like smell. Not only do its pink, yellow and green colours really pop in any garden, but they also stand out thanks to this overpowering smell.

It’s all about the design

Because of the specific weather conditions, many Aussies decide to ask experts for help when it comes to planning their backyard. They know how changeable the weather is, so they often seek out professional help to make sure their plants will survive until the warm weather comes back. People often have a tendency of wanting to do everything on their own and, to be honest, this isn’t always the best solution. Landscape design is a complicated process that includes all the landscape planning, planting and incorporating additional water features. This is why it’s worth hiring experts in landscaping from North Shore to keep your garden flawless and ensure you’ll get the most out of it by the springtime.

Lawn care and fertilizers

After a hot and dry summer, your lawn is quite dry and far away from its signature green colour, so autumn is the perfect time to take care of it. First of all, you need to recover your lawn and fertilize it without using any strong products you used during spring and summer. You need to find a solution that contains a low percentage of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, as these repair damaged roots and help new ones grow. Time organization is crucial here because you’ll need to do all of this before the temperature seriously drops and prevents your lawn from recovering before the cold weather. This will ultimately result in strong roots and thick grass in the spring. What you also need to take care of is your garden’s hygiene, and although this seems like something you can skip, make sure not to do so. Clean all the garbage, remove the grass after mowing your lawn and see if there are bugs eating your plants or trees, because this can be a rather serious problem. This is the time to react; don’t rely on the cold winter temperature to remove the unwanted guests from your backyard, but be prepared for any situation. After that’s done, just pay attention to the final touches and enjoy your garden and its beautiful features.

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