An Introduction to Ecopreneurs

In the modern world, being eco-friendly is becoming increasingly important, in both the business and domestic worlds. It’s now fairly commonplace for consumers to monitor their energy consumption and how much waste they produce, and more and more businesses are accepting responsibility for their environmental impact(s) all the time.

But, some particularly innovative, business-minded individuals are taking things one green step further – by becoming ecopreneurs.

What is an ecopreneur?

Starting Green: An Ecopreneur's Toolkit for Starting a Green Business-From Business Plan to Profits

Starting Green: An Ecopreneur's Toolkit for Starting a Green Business-From Business Plan to Profits

The word ‘ecopreneur’ comes from combining the words ‘eco’ and ‘entrepreneur’. In essence, an ecopreneur is someone who starts an eco-friendly business venture.

Usually, this means starting up a business that offers environmentally friendly products or services. For example, a retailer selling jewellery or trinkets that have been locally and sustainability sourced, or a green construction company.

No matter the business or the industry, all ecopreneurs have one thing in common: they put the planet before profits. Of course, this doesn’t mean forget about products completely – as a business needs to make profits in order to exist – it just means finding a balance between what benefits the business, and what benefits the environment.

Why be an ecopreneur?

There are a number of reasons why a budding businessperson may want to go down the green route and become an ecopreneur. As such, there are many advantages to be had by anyone who does start an eco-business. Many of these extend further than the obvious environmental perks, and actually make good business sense. Some of these benefits are as follows:

  • Access to a replete market space
  • A reduced environmental impact
  • A clear eco-conscience for your business
  • An advantageous green marketing angle
  • A competitive edge over the opposition
  • Ability to attract a niche audience

This list is not exhaustive, and depending on the nature of the startup business you’re devising, you could uncover a whole host of other perks to being an ecopreneur.

Can you be an ecopreneur?

Yes, anyone can.

It doesn’t take much more than it does to be a normal entrepreneur – only putting the environment first, before your own personal or business gain. It’s about achieving a balance, as your venture will need to be profitable in a financial business sense, but make sure that it doesn’t cost the Earth to do so.

It is possible to be a successful startup business and conscious of the environment at the same time, contrary to the beliefs of some. If you are committed to sustainability, and willing to incorporate this commitment into the essence of your business plan, then you can be a successful ecopreneur.

Enthusiastic about all things green energy, Hannah Corbett is a writer and blogger, often combining her passion for renewables with her knowledge of the startup and small business world. You can follow Hannah on Twitter, or connect with on Google+. Or, you can learn more about business energy solutions at

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