AI In Energy


Artificial intelligence (AI) is a term for replicated or mimicked intelligence in the machines. These machines are programmed to think and act like a human in terms of observing the surroundings and to take actions accordingly and achieve the goals. It has obtained prominence in the recent years owing to the evolving technology.

It's just not limited to the computer games or computer functions. Artificial intelligence is used in varied fields. AI is used in creating virtual personal assistants, robotics, in the self-driving cars etc. They dominate the fields of Business and services, Education, Healthcare, Finance, Law, Manufacturing etc.

The energy sector is no exception in using the aids of Artificial Intelligence.

Here is an Infographic by Fuel Fighter reflecting on the usages and benefits of using the technology and how it can further enhance in coming years with the advancement of technology owing to its features. With proper implementation of AI, the Energy sector can gain significantly.

AI In Energy

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