Aga takes corporate social responsibilities and green issues seriously

Everyone's heard of the Aga range cooker. They've graced the kitchens of all sorts of people, from ordinary folk to celebrity chefs, farmers to the rich and famous, for generations. But rocketing fuel costs, green issues and rapidly-changing lifestyles mean more and more people want to dig out the ins and outs of the cost of running an Aga and its environmental impact. At the same time, corporate social responsibility is high on the list for most companies these days. So how are the manufacturers of the world's favourite range cookers doing their bit for the communities they serve and the planet we live on?

You'll be pleased to learn that modern Aga heat storage cookers can be just as efficient as ordinary, everyday cookers. Once you get to grips with the way they work, Agas also play a valuable role in cutting your fuel bills. The company's special Aganomics guide illustrates how.

The Aga has excellent green credentials too. You won't see one on a landfill site because all Aga's cast iron cookers are 90% recyclable. In fact a whopping 70% of every new Aga is made of reclaimed iron, that was once something like a drain cover or an iron lamp post. Waste not, want not!

You probably already know that Agas come with a choice of fuel options. That's because, with most fuels rising in price and increasing in scarcity, it makes sense to be able to choose the fuel that suits your location, lifestyle and pocket best. You may find propane, kerosene heating oil, natural gas or electricity is your best bet. But Aga is also focusing hard on developing innovative micro-generated electricity by bringing new wind power, solar energy and heat pump technologies into play.

The Complete Book of Aga Know-how (Aga and Range Cookbooks)

The Complete Book of Aga Know-how

In the wider community, Aga is the proud sponsor of the Aga Total Control Lady Riders' championship, creating a strong and popular presence at point-to-point meetings right across Britain.

In a world where throw-away goods and products are still far too prevalent to be sustainable, an Aga quite literally lasts a lifetime, at least three times as long as a conventional appliance. Many thousands of beautiful old Aga range cookers are working away, quietly and efficiently, after fifty or more years of loyal service. And a surprising number of people, when moving house, take their beloved Aga with them.

There's an impressive array of touching stories about the Aga to be found online, everything from people whose pet goat sleeps next to the Aga in winter to folk whose Aga helps keep pain at bay with its lovely, gentle warmth and people whose range cooker provides a great place for happy cats to doze.

The Aga sits at the heart of many a home as well as helping care for the environment, cutting waste and bringing joy to thousands of keen amateur chefs. You can't go far wrong with an Aga!

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