5 Items You Never Thought About Recycling

As a nation that is starting to understand the importance of recycling for the environment, we are discovering more and more items can be re-used, re-manufactured and recycled.

Other than the well-known cardboard, glass bottles and aluminium cans, there are a number of items that you can find around the house that can be recycled too. We have chosen just five of many to talk about and they include:

Wine Bottle Corks

Many UK households enjoy a glass of red after work leaving a number of empty wine bottles by the end of the week. The empty bottles aren’t the problem though, it’s the corks. An organisation called reCork turn wine corks into a number of useful materials that include flooring tiles, craft materials, sports equipment and insulation.


When our old uncomfortable mattresses near the end of their lives, you don’t need to find a skip to throw it in, many mattress retailers can recycle your old mattress when you purchase a new one. They send the mattress to the local mattress recycling centre where they will be turned into fibres for clothing, foam products and scrap metal.

Compact Discs (CDs)

Although more and more music is being downloaded online, there are still millions of CDs around. Instead of keeping stacks and stacks of unwanted discs you can in fact send them off to your local CD recycling centre where the CDs will be shred into a fine powder and then later melted down to create plastic that will be used in the automotive and building industries.


With a whole host of new motors on the road that boast being more economical and all new and fresh smelling, loads of people look to get rid of their car for a good price so they can negotiate a better deal on their new car. Car recycling with companies like Recycling Monkey can often help you get the best price for your car, they collect and you get a quick payment to help buy a new car. Car recycling means your car will be checked for parts that can be re-used, re-manufactured and even recycled, helping the environment in the process.

Trainers & Shoes

We all do it; we collect shoes even when they no longer fit or when they become old and tatty but we can actually recycle our shoes, trainers and any other footwear. Send your smelly, old or unworn footwear to a local recycling facility or organisation and they turn them into useful building materials.

It’s amazing how much we can actually recycle nowadays but as mentioned before, these are only a select few items compared the vast amount of materials we could be getting from recycling materials we find around the house. Search for your local recycling centre today and see how much you can recycle.

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