5 Infographics On Recycling To Pin In The Office

Recycling is important, not just in the UK but all countries of the world. It is one of the best ways for you to help make the world we live in a better and healthier place. Recycling is needed more than ever before as the amount of rubbish we create is increasing year on year. Why?

  • Greater population so more people to create more waste
  • Lifestyle amendments leading to more people eating fast foods
  • Cheaper, newer non-biodegradable packaging
  • Greater wealth in many locations so people are purchasing more items that lead to waste

I’m going to mention a few points on why recycling is important to the environment, people and animals.


You may not know it but recycling helps people. How?

  • Will keep the human species alive longer as less trees will be cut down that produce the oxygen we breathe 24hrs a day.
  • More energy will be produce thus saving the natural resources on earth.
  • Creates more jobs.
  • Inspires others to recycle.
  • Gives you a buzz!


How does recycling help the environment? Here are a couple of points;

  • Reduce the pollution caused by the waste. Unfortunately we can’t remove pollution completely however we can do a great deal to decrease it.
  • Help preserve natural resources
  • It will assist in creating awareness to the people around you.
  • It will assist against the threat of global Warming.

Here are 5 infographics on recycling that you should print and pin up on the office wall.

With the above information and resources, I hope I have been successful in convincing at least a few people and readers as to the importance of recycling. Even doing a small amount will go a long way. Here in the UK we have special bins and boxes for different types of waste. Every office should use these resources to their maximum advantage and do their bit for the environment. Thousands of sheets of paper, hundreds of cans and lots of electronics – all these can be put to better use than throwing them in the black bin.

Do you have any tips for us on recycling in the UK and world? Whether it be for the office, the shop or the home, please share your experience, solutions and tips for the benefit of us all in the comments below.

Ahmed works as the internet marketing specialist for a company called Toner Giant Ltd who are major suppliers of Canon toner cartridges to businesses and consumers in the UK. In his free time, Ahmed can be found on Xbox live gaming against fellow players

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