4 Tips To Make Your Eco-Friendly Relocation A Breeze

4 Tips To Make Your Eco-Friendly Relocation A Breeze

When it comes to moving, you’ve probably heard this a thousand times already, but relocating your home is a challenge. There are so many things you have to keep in mind, and with so many important tasks, people tend to get anxious and let the stress take over. You have to make checklists, organize a transport, keep an eye out for your kids, and quite a lot of other issues as well, so it’s perfectly normal that you forget about some things, like the environment, for example.

It’s not that hard to try and be eco-friendly while you’re moving. Moving a lot of your possessions across the country can be very bad for the environment. The amount of fuel you spend, the trash that stays behind once you unpack the boxes, even the old furniture you want to dispose of can make a seriously negative impact on our planet. So how do you deal with these issues and keep a clear head? Let’s check out some of the most useful tips for an environmentally friendly move.

Get Rid of the Excess Stuff in an Eco-Friendly Way

Take a long look at all of your possessions before you start planning your move. Think about what of those things are really needed, and which items you’re already thinking of throwing out. Make a selection of items that will be necessary for your new home, but make sure you get rid of those items you can really do without.

You can organize a garage sale, or sell your unnecessary things online. You can also donate a lot of lightly used items you won’t need to various charities. Some websites like Craigslist and Freecycle allow you to put your items for giveaway. Use all of your stocked supplies before you move, so nothing goes to waste, or contact a friend or a neighbor to let them have all of the supplies you won’t need. Of course, when it comes to disposal of hazardous materials, make sure you follow the right protocol.

Use Household Items as Packing Materials

One of the most important steps you can do to ensure the eco-friendly and affordable relocation is to use household items as packing materials. Instead of buying or renting not so environmentally-friendly packing solutions, you can use whatever you have in your home to achieve the needed effect, and still stay eco-friendly.

Use suitcases, laundry baskets, and crates; use old boxes you still have laying around for some reason. All of these items are pretty common in almost every household, so why spend money and create a lot of trash, when you can use what you already have and get the job done properly, and without the negative impact on the environment. Use blankets and towels to secure your belongings from breaking and damaging along the way, and the best thing is – once you’ve finished unpacking – there is no mountain of trash waiting for you to dispose of it.

Focus on Recycling

When it comes to recycling, almost everything in your home can be processed and recycled. From plastic and cardboard, through batteries to old electronics, there are quite a lot of household items that could and should be recycled when you’re done with them.

Batteries contain a lot of hazardous substances which can have a very bad effect on waterways, while those old appliances you have may also contain hazardous materials like lead. There are resource recovery centers that accept old open cans of paint, and there is virtually a recycling station for basically every type of material you have in your home, so before embarking on a moving adventure, make sure you’ve recycled as much of the unnecessary stuff as you possibly can.

 Hire an Eco-Friendly Relocation Company

Last, but not least – when you’re searching for an environmentally-friendly super easy storage solution you must make sure that the moving company you’re hiring is trustworthy. Look for lower-emissions trucks, use of recycled materials, LED cargo areas and similar energy-efficient solutions they are using. Do your research and try to be as environmentally-friendly as possible, even if you’re doing your own driving. Keep the speed low, and try moving during spring, when there’s no need for A/C system to be turned on.

Final thoughts

Most important thing you have to keep in mind is not to panic. Moving is a huge step, but it’s not impossible to overcome. Focus your strength on planning and thinking ahead. Big moves can have a really negative impact on the environment and know how we have already made quite a negative scar on it, you should give your best to try and make a change. It’s the least you can do for both your planet and yourself.

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