3 Easy Ways To Save Energy In The Office

Throughout 2012 we have seen more and more research being invested into ways of making our lives greener. Recycling schemes have been put in place, new fuels have been developed for our vehicles and companies everywhere are doing all they can to reduce their carbon footprint and offer a greener service. We are likely to see even more emphasis put on these sorts of measures in 2013 but there are a lot more simple ways to save energy within the office environment that don’t involve going to great lengths.

The office is often treated differently to the home as people tend to take less care about wasting energy due to the fact that they are not the ones paying the bills. However, with these easy measures, they will have no choice but to join you in your quest to save energy.

Automatic Lights

A lot of energy that is wasted in offices is due to lights being left on when they are not needed. This could either be at night, if someone has forgotten to turn them off, or during the day in cupboards and other areas of the office that are not used very often. Automatic lights will only come on when someone walks under them and will then turn off if they don’t sense any movement after a certain period of time. There never need be a light on and nobody home ever again.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves

In the winter, we always crank the radiators up as high as possible in order to get the office up to an appropriate temperature but really they don’t need to be that high at all. Thermostatic radiator valves will give you a more in depth scale than just 1, 2 or 3 and so you can customise the temperature in the office to suit your exact requirements.

They work by only allowing enough water through to keep the room at the temperature to which you have set the valve. This way there will be no more wasted energy as the radiator constantly pumps out heat, there will be no more fluctuating room temperatures and no more outrageously high heating bills.

Unplug Unused Devices

Like me, you may be surprised to hear that some electrical devices still draw power from the energy source they are plugged into, even when they are not on. Small devices such as office lamps of mobile phone chargers will not be doing this but larger ones like TV’s and computers might be. Largely due to the demand we put on them to turn on quickly, they continue to draw a small amount of power so that they can reboot quicker than they would do if they were totally off.

You may think that the amount of energy they are using in this ‘mode’ is too little to be concerned with but when you think about how many computers and TVs in your office are plugged in at any one time, it all starts to add up. Just simply unplugging your device once you have turned it off could save thousands of watts per year.

Chris Mayhew is blogging here on behalf of West Radiators. There have a wide range of radiators and radiator accessories; including thermostatic radiator valves that are perfect for making the office green.

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