10 Hints on Making Your Bathroom Truly Earth-Friendly

The majority of human behaviour has an impact on the Earth – we are actually not even conscious about how much we destroy the environment irrecoverably.

If you are truly concerned about our Mother Nature, discover how you can start helping it from the comfort of your home. Keep reading and find out ten hints on making your bathroom truly Earth-friendly.

1 Water-efficient toilet – A lot of our water consumption at home goes straight into the loo, so make sure to buy a new, water-efficient toiled which has dual flush options – for liquid and solid waste.

2 Low-flow shower head – If you want to green your bathroom and stop wasting money on excessive water charges, get yourself a showerhead which conserves water and energy, by delivering about a half the amount of water the old ones would.

3 Organic shower curtains – Decoration need not be multicoloured – you can ‘green’ it with organic shower curtains which do not release potentially harmful matters into the bathroom air. For example, hemp far from being toxic and if you use a liner with it, it will keep the curtain looking fresh and new for a longer period of time.

4 Recycled toilet paper – No, this does not mean re-using toilet paper (who would think such a thing, anyway?). Rather, in order to save trees, you can use recycled toiled paper, made from recycled toilet paper. It may not be as ‘comfortable’, but it is still worth a shot of helping the rainforests from being cut down to the ground.

5 Baking soda as the ultimate cleaner – Stop wasting your money on chemicals whose main purpose is to pollute the environment. Instead, use baking soda for cleaning your bathroom.Baking soda

6 Natural mould-fighting – In order to fight irritating (and hazardous) mould in your bathroom, make a natural spray by yourself which will refresh your bathroom and prevent mould from developing.

7 Ceramic tiles – Not easily damaged, ceramic tiles are made in a low-impact manufacturing process, so make sure to replace your old tilework with the newest, Earth-friendly ceramic tiles.

8 Reduce heating bills – In order to save money on heating, you can install heated towel rails and ladders, for example, or a heat lamp in the ceiling (here you can find out what are the newest Earth-friendly bathroom heating options).

9 Tankless water heater – The benefits of a tankless water heater are twofold: not only will you use less energy on average (than when using traditional water heater), but you will also reduce the negative impact on the Earth, thus help saving it.

10 Fluorescent lighting – Regular light bulbs use a lot of energy and make your electricity bills jump sky high. Replace them with fluorescent, eco-lighting lighting which effectively conserves energy, making your bathroom eco-friendly and elongating the life of all creatures on the face of the Earth.

As you can see, there is a plethora of ways you can green your bathroom and help saving the environment. The list is, of course, not over – you can add your thoughts and your tips – please share them with us in the (green) comments section below.


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